Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Troubleshooting: What to do if Worktime does not log the time

Worktime acts in the background when it is not actively used, and is designed to run for as long the device is on. It is designed with the stock "Google version" Android in mind. However, some manufacturers have implemented their own battery saving methods that stop Worktime unexpectedly. Or, you may have an additional "battery saving" app installed that stops other apps. Adding Worktime to the list of "whitelisted" apps might help it work.

Here are some ideas of what to try, but first of all, if you haven't opened Worktime since restarting your phone, try to do so and see if that helps.

Go to Settings > Advanced settings > Battery manager > Protected apps
Make sure Worktime is among the list of protected apps.

There are two settings on the LG phones that might affect Worktime.

1. Go to Settings > Background app management
Make sure that Worktime is unchecked.

2. Go to Settings > Applications, open Worktime
Make sure that Restrict to launch is unchecked.


Other phones 
If you have a phone that is not on this list, please share your experience!


  1. Was working ok until last updates broke it on Note 4 samsung... No longer logs automatically based on wifi networks

  2. How does the app handle if I go out to have lunch. This lunch break can be different each day.

    1. The lunch break is fixed and manually adjustable for every day. All that counts is the first arrival and the last leave time. You can have any number of breaks during the day which have to be represented by the lunch time.